In this section I will be adding documents that may make the story of the Cottage clearer to you.

The first one is what I sent to the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust when I realised that the Chair had elbowed people out in Felpham, kept the Blake Society in the dark about the campaign, then formed his own Trust, and that the Blake Society had washed its hands off the problem. No one has addressed yet any of the issues I raise in this document.

1. A Vision for Blake’s Cottage

These are articles that I wrote for our blog during the Cottage appeal:

2. The Gate is Open

3. Blake’s difficult journey through this world

This are my notes for the launch of the campaign in Parliament in 2014:
This is an English extended version of an article I published last June in my column “Lo que contemplas” for Laberinto, the cultural supplement of Mexican Newspaper Milenio:
And this is a link to the original, shorter version in Spanish:
There are many more documents that may be of interest, but for starters, these may give you an idea both of the problems we have faced, and of the ideals that were behind our project. I believe that if you read this documents you will also understand the degree to which I have cared for this project, the care I put in articulating our vision, and why I believe so strongly that it is not right to allow for it to be corrupted in the hands of people who simply don’t care.
Finally, if you are curious about other things I have written about Blake, you can visit the section “You Become What You Behold” in my personal blog: