New chapters of my testimony, and financial concerns

I have added chapters X to XII to my testimony. You can find them in that section of this webpage, or in the following links:

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Click to access chapter-xi-my-testimony-blake-cottage.pdf

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The final chapters, coming soon, will deal with what happened after I left the Cottage appeal and the Cottage was acquired; how Mr Heath appropriated the Cottage project; the extensive lying to the public by both the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust; the futile attempts of both the Big Blake Project, me and other campaigners to engage in dialogue with them; the disrepair of the Cottage and its muddled finances.

I have also posted today a document in the Documents section in this webpage raising my concerns about the Blake Society’s recent report on how the money for the Cottage was raised, since the inconsistencies are still there:

Inconsistencies in Cottage’s finances, April 2017

I have received further confirmation that the Blake Society Trustees are slandering me. Slander is a serious offence. The sexism involved in the nature of their slandering is quite serious too, and something that anyone claiming to honour William Blake should be deeply ashamed of.

My testimony – new chapters

I have just added chapters V to IX to my testimony. You can read them in the My Testimony section in this webpage (

Unfortunately I can’t make a simple, concise narrative of events: because of the degree of dishonesty and the slandering involved, I see myself in the need, for truth’s sake and for my own protection, to include in this testimony all the evidence I have in the form of documents and correspondence, which will make the reading of the testimony harder, longer and repetitive. I’m sure it won’t be a pleasure to read, but it is a document that shows to whoever cares to know what happened exactly with the Cottage appeal, step by step; it shows that things have been very wrong indeed; that the Blake Society Committee always knew things were wrong and decided to ignore it, then collude; that my actions have never been stirred by resentment or ill will, and that the Blake Society is slandering me.

As for the inaccurate document on “how the funds were raised” in the Blake Society webpage mentioned in my previous entry, I insist: the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust must respond directly to every single inconsistency in their handling of their finances pointed at in this webpage.

And the lies continue

I am finishing the next chapters of my testimony of what happened with the Blake Cottage appeal.

Meanwhile though, on visiting the Blake Society’s webpage, I’ve noticed two curious changes. One is that they have made disappear the minutes of the AGM held in January this year, which I have contested earlier in this blog since they were, again, lying about what took place that night.

If the Blake Society is planning to amend or manipulate them again, the reader and Blake Society members may be happy to know that I have saved the minutes they had originally published, so that we can compare if they decide to publish an altered document.

It is also interesting to see that they’ve published a little document called “How the Cottage Funds were raised”. They are lying there again.

They mention, disingenuously, donations made “through” the Blake Society. I’m afraid they have their prepositions wrong. The word is “to“. These donations were made to the Blake Society, who was running the appeal and responsible for the project as I have amply proved in the first chapters of my testimony.

In this webpage I have pointed that the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust were lying saying donations made to the BS were made to the BCT and I mentioned evidence about if from, for instance, the  Heritage Lottery Fund, so they  have corrected the HLF’s item only, without bothering to say why the financial reports of both the BS and the BCT were lying in the first place.

They are still lying now, and still listing as donations to the Blake Cottage Trust money that we applied for, or received, as the Blake Society way before the Blake Cottage Trust even existed.

This spurious little document is not clarifying at all the inconsistencies in their finances I have made clear earlier in this blog, nor does it explain why the amounts mentioned as raised in the past have varied so widely. Please do take a look again at that entry in this blog.

The Blake Society’s new document, and their hiding of the minutes of their latest AGM, are further proof that they are manipulating information and trying to deceive the public. They are behaving like common thieves, but we still want the truth, and we still want them to be accountable and respond to every single issue raised in this blog regarding their murky finances.

You can read the two relevant entries here:

and here:

Keep an eye on this space. The next chapters of my testimony are coming soon.

(In case the BS keeps on playing games and decides to re-publish the 2017 AGM minutes after reading this blog, below is a screenshot of 4 April, the date of this entry, showing how they’ve been made disappear.)


Fictitious minutes piling up / Chapter III of my testimony

The Blake Society has just published in its webpage their minutes of their AGM last 20 January.

It’s a pity that so few paid Blake Society members attended and had the chance to see what the Committee that supposedly serves and represents them is capable of, so if you want to know what happened precisely at that AGM, please refer to my former blog entry, “A Time of Bullies”, of 22 January 2017:

These new minutes of course do not record how I was shouted into silence, the Treasurer’s mention of my role in the Blake Cottage appeal, or the fact that I had to correct him and Mr Heath regarding the actual date of the setting up of the Blake Cottage Trust.

They make this curious claim, though, regarding one of my objections to their minutes of the 2016 AGM:

“She [that’s me] claimed that there had been no election because no vote had been held, despite her objection to one of the candidates. There had therefore been no lawfully elected Executive Committee during the year. The Chair and Secretary repeated the point made at the previous AGM: paragraph 16(5) of the Society’s constitution requires a ballot only when the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacancies on the Committee, which had not been the case.”

Apart from the fact that nothing was “explained” to me, since they didn’t allow any kind of dialogue in what was simply a display of silencing tactics, I think that the Blake Society Committee should read its Constitution again, because what paragraph 16(5) of their Constitution says is: “Nominations for election to the Executive Committee must be made by members of the Charity in writing and must be in the hands of the secretary of the Executive Committee at least 14 days before the annual general meeting.  Should nominations exceed vacancies, election shall be by ballot.”

This is not quite what we’re talking about, is it? I mean, namely, the BS members’ right to object to the election of Trustees who betray public Trust through the mismanagement, poor performance and/or unethical behaviour. The Constitution doesn’t say anywhere, in any way, that members cannot excercise such a righ. 

The Constitution’s paragraph 16 (2) also says, regarding Annual General Meetings, that: “All the members of the Charity shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.” 

This is obvious. If members didn’t have such a right, why on earth would the Committee bother to go through the motions of asking for their members’ vote?

More importantly, where, if not at the AGM, do members of the Blake Society have the opportunity to call the Trustees to account?

In a document that the Secretary, Mr Antony Vinall, circulated among the Trustees on 23 October 2012, regarding governance options for the Society should it engage in major fund raising projects, he refers to “the Society’s present governance arrangements, under which members elect the Chair and Executive Committee at the AGM, where they also have the opportunity to call them to account.”

And that’s as it should be. Nominations exceeding vacancies or not have nothing whatsoever to do with every member’s right to excercise this crucial right.

I don’t expect an answer, since the Blake Society Committee never responds to uncomfortable questions, but still I will ask whether if they don’t believe that their members deserve any respect, and what exactly do they think they are doing when lying in their minutes and manipulating information  in this way.

Since they go on showing no respect whatsoever, for anybody, I will continue on writing my testimony of what happened with the Blake Cottage appeal. You can read chapter III in the section in this webpage titled “My Testimony”, or clicking on this link: chapter-iii-my-testimony-blake-cottage

Last Call

The Blake Society has published in their Webpage an interesting timeline and excerpts of minutes in an attempt to get away with the false information that they are giving regarding Blake’s Cottage.

I therefore see myself in the position to contest quite a few of the statements found there and include in my response the relevant evidence, so that the public, Blake Society members and donors are fully informed.

That will take time and I am extremely busy these days but my comments will be here soon. Keep an eye on this space.

I am not looking forward to this use of my time, and it is bound to bring trouble for the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust.

So I am making a last call to both of them: for dialogue, and truth. The inclusive dialogue with everyone who has been involved in this project that I have been calling for for over two years, so that among all of us we find the fair and honest solutions for the Cottage to thrive, and so that public and donors stop being betrayed.

After the harassing and bullying I was subject to last 20 January (please see my former post, “A Time of Bullies”) at the Blake Society’s AGM, I doubt that the BS or BCT will listen. However, I’m still calling. People have held constructive dialogues in far worse problems than this. The power for doing that, to do the right thing, is in all of us.

It is possible. Apologizing, explaining, putting right what has gone wrong, is possible. Treating each other with respect and tell the truth, is possible.

If they are willing, I hope to hear from them over the weekend.

Otherwise they will have to face the consequences of their actions and of this prolonged attempt to hide the truth. It has taken too long. Too many things and people have been trampled on already.


A Time Of Bullies

[Update 26 January. The Blake Society has published in their Webpage an interesting timeline and excerpts of minutes in an attempt to get away with the false information they are giving regarding Blake’s Cottage. I will be very happy to contest some of the statements found there and include the relevant evidence. That will take time and I am extremely busy these days but my comments will be here soon. Keep an eye on this space.]


On 20 January the Blake Society held its AGM.

It started thus: the Secretary, Antony Vinall, passed me by when he was distributing the agenda, so I asked him to give me a copy. We had recently exchanged correspondence in which I made clear that the sole reason why I was renewing my membership was in order to be able to challenge the falsehoods that the Society has been spreading among its members and the public, including their minutes of last year’s AGM.

So he approached me to give me a copy of the agenda and asked me if I was meaning to speak. I asked him what he thought I was there for if not. He asked again, he asked in fact three times. He then asked me, three times again, what was I going to say. I told him he should wait and hear. He then said, sarcastically, that he asked so that he was prepared.

He was, in short, harassing me.

The Chair’s Report

The Chair, Tim Heath, looked a bit nervous to me, stumbling here and there through the narration of what the Society did last year, interwoven with some vacuous sentences that he has been repeating dozens of times in the past years – a sign,  I think, of stagnant waters in the BS leadership.

Among these was his claim that the BS was set on working “to do good to the world”.

I ignore how the Chair’s mind works, how much of his own contradictions he actually believes to be true and how much is sheer cynicism. All I know is that such words, coming from someone who does the things he’s doing, are vile.

The Treasurer’s Report

By the time the Treasurer, Luis Garrido, gave his report, it became evident that the AGM had been carefully scripted in an attempt to assuage the concerns I have been raising in this blog, to the press and to the relevant authorities, and that the Charity Commission is investigating. This is comforting: it means that reporting what these people are doing wrong is no wasted time.

The Treasurer, for instance, repeated several times that their accounts report for 2016 had been made by an independent examiner, whom they had actually taken the trouble to invite to the AGM. Mr Garrido explained in a confusing manner that this person was no expert in finances but was fully independent. Then this person read his statement saying that, though his was an “inexpert eye”, everything was to his mind quite OK, and he was, again, independent.

This obeys the fact that I have reported to the Charity Commission, and have also stated in this blog (please read my entry “Inconsistencies in Blake Cottage Trust’s Financial Report” of 18 September) that the “independent examiner” of the 2015 Blake Society financial report is, in fact, Dr Nick Duncan, who up till yesterday, when he seems to have stepped out, was a Trustee of the Society. You can read that document in the following link:


Up to today (21 January 2017), it has been accessible in the “Find a Charity” section of the Charity Commission’s webpage.

For all I know the BS 2016 financial report may be immaculate, but I still want to see an independent report of 2015, a crucial year because that’s when Blake’s Cottage was acquired and when the reports of both the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust are overlapping, inconsistent and with money missing.

Then Mr Garrido went on to say, for no discernible reason, that for the creation of the Blake Cottage Trust the Blake Society has hired the most expensive firm of lawyers in this country, experts in Charities and who, on top of it all, donated a substantial amount to the Cottage appeal. This firm is Bircham Dyson Bell.

They are, indeed, very expensive and very powerful – they have been known for handling, for example, Tony Blair’s fortune -, and the Chair has made sure to wield them as a weapon to intimidate people, including the managing editor of a major national paper.

If this gratuitous mention of BDB was made in order to intimidate me, it was a futile effort, and I find it strange that the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust have not realized yet that I am not afraid of their lawyers.

Mr Garrido also said that the Blake Cottage Trust had been set up in March 2015, so I had to correct him with the exact date: October 2014.

I sincerely appreciate that Mr Garrido made sure to highlight my major contribution to the Cottage appeal, explaining how Mr Heath and myself were, within the Blake Society Committee, the only two persons raising funds in 2014. It would have been good though if he had also mentioned the significant role and enormous work of the Big Blake Project in Felpham, who were raising money too on behalf of the Blake Society, and running the local leg of the campaign.

The Secretary’s Report

Mr Vinall’s report was brief and strange. He gave a tortuous explanation as to why, though the membership of the Blake Society had diminished in the past year, it was merely a matter of a defective database that he couldn’t use properly or something along those lines and therefore, though “in paper it would seem as if we have less members, we are in fact growing”.

I assume that behind this bewildering statement is the refusal to acknowledge, perhaps even to themselves, that the Blake Society is losing members because people are starting to hear about their lack of ethics.


Then came the turn of the acceptance of the minutes of last year’s AGM. Knowing from my experience of the last AGM that I would not be allowed to speak much, I was reserving my comments and questions for this moment. I didn’t have much hopes that the Committee would respond to them with truth, but I did hope that, in view of the gravity of the situation they are in, they would at least go through the motions of listening – then the members attending and general public would hear too.

But the Blake Society seems to be quickly losing its grip even on forms, so what happened was in fact a shameful spectacle at the hands of Mr Heath and Mr Vinall, determined not to let me speak.

I said I had issues to raise and the Chair asked me to introduce myself, so I said I had been a Trustee of the Blake Society for four years, its Secretary for two and had been co-leader of the Cottage appeal, just as the Treasurer had ratified. The Chair said that that was not the case, that I had been his “assistant”.

Everybody in the Committee knows the extent of my work, and leadership, in this project. In the documents section of this webpage you can find some documents I prepared that were in fact the only consistent articulation in writing of what we were planning to do. There are many more documents and correspondence that show I was not a mere “assistant”.

However, I want to say here that when in the summer of 2014 the Chair incurred into behaviour so unethical that it jeopardized not only the Cottage appeal but the existence of the Blake Society itself, I told the Committee what was going on and resigned. The Committee was outraged at the Chair’s behaviour; many of them told me so, though they never challenged the Chair. What they all did (and this includes the Chair) was ask me to stay and by so doing, save the reputation of the appeal and the BS. Mr Antony Vinall offered himself as mediator between the Chair and me. I trusted him because he was the only person in the Committee who seemed willing to do anything at all about the problems we were facing, and because he had unequivocally expressed his disapproval of the Chair’s behaviour. I was puzzled though that despite his outrage, he was accepting the impossible terms that the Chair was proposing for us to continue on working together.

There is ample correspondence in which I asked Mr Vinall why the conditions were put on me, when I was the one who was giving the Chair, and the BS as a whole, the chance to put things right, because they all had asked me to do so. It was a cruel time; I was on the verge of breakdown for months, beneath impossible pressure from all this people while the Chair continued on bullying me, so in the end we signed a ridiculous agreement that would only have validity while both the Chair and I were Trustees of the BS, and in which he hinted that I would be that: his “assistant”. With hindsight, I can see now that Mr Vinall should have reported to the rest of the Committee immediately the Chair’s unreasonable behaviour, and that what he did instead was collusion with the bullying and something very close to coercion. The correspondence is available to anyone who may want to see it.

What is clear is that I was no “assistant” in this project. In fact, in the middle of the summer 2014, when time was crucial for us to launch the crowdfunding appeal, the Chair suddenly went away for six whole weeks, to the enormous concern of myself, the Big Blake Project and the rest of the Committee, and left me very much in charge of the appeal as far as the Blake Society is concerned.

But let’s go back to the AGM last 20 January: the Chair pretended to deny that the Blake Cottage Trust was set up by him alone, with his lawyers only standing in for him, in October 2014. So again, if you go to the Charity Commission’s webpage, you will see that the BCT’s Governing Document Memorandum and Articles were incorporated on 30 October 2014, precisely, as I reminded the Chair, at the time when his probity was being severely questioned within the Committee. He did this without informing the Committee or those of us running the campaign with him. This is unequivocally the first step to set up the Trust, something that Mr Heath did with his solicitor alone; that the Charity was actually registered until March 2015 doesn’t mean in any way that the beginning of the procedures were not started in October 2014, as anyone can see in the Charity Commission’s documents and other webpages with information about Charities. You can read that governing document created by Mr Heath alone, secretly, and which includes a provision of pensions for the men who have appropriated Blake’s Cottage, in the following link:


This is the BCT’s Certificate of Incorportion, of public domain:


Mr Heath admonished me at the AGM saying that “truth is important”, while he was denying his own actions recorded in the document above. How can someone invoke truth in the same breath of his lies is simply beyond me.

(For a clearer timeline, please visit The Companies House webpage, )

Then he asked me if I had a question and I said that at the AGM last year I was not allowed to cast a vote and that because of their haste to silence me, technically there had been, in fact, no election of a Committee as there had been no voting. Mr Vinall said it was not necessary because the nominees did not exceed the number of Trustees that could sit at the Committee. I reminded him that the AGM is the chance members of the Society have to raise concerns about the performance of a Trustee and Mr Vinall changed the subject asking me if I said he lied in the minutes. I said yes, that he was a liar. He asked me to tell him where he was lying and as soon as I started speaking Mr Heath interrupted me saying, rather aggressively, “Do you have a question?”. I started talking again and he tried to distract me by asking what item of the minutes I was referring to. I said that the item about the election of Trustees, and he interrupted me again.

I got up, said that if they wouldn’t let me talk I would not be part of the farce, would leave and report them to the corresponding authorities. Mr Heath continued: “Do you have a question?”. So I tried again, tried to ask why are the minutes and the Blake Society’s webpage lying regarding who were the “elected” Trustees at the last AGM, why do they mention in their webpage Dr Duncan who was not a nominee and was co-opted later (as he told me himself by email) or why don’t they mention Rod Tweedy, who left the Committee after the AGM, unhappy about the handling of the Cottage campaign.

But at this point the Chair was simply shouting on top of me every time I started talking. It must have been at least five times that he asked “Do you have a question?”, that I tried, precisely, to ask my question and told him that he was not letting me speak, and he just repeated the same words again. Plain and rather vicious bullying, of the kind that I was subject to when working in the Cottage appeal.

The only way to be heard was to shout on top of his shouting. So I did: I told him that he was a liar, and a bully, and had stolen a public project. I told the Committee that I would report what has happening to the pertinent authorities and they would regret behaving like bullies, told them that they were cowards, and left. Outside the room there was a queue for the concert that would follow the AGM and I told them too that the people in there were bullies and liars. The Committee must have heard me because they immediately started letting people in, so I guess they finished the AGM with the same haste, if not more, than they did last year when I also spoke out.

The comments and questions regarding the minutes that I was never allowed to ask can be found in the following document:


A screenshot of the Blake Society’s webpage lying about the elected Trustees at the AGM of January 2016, the way their page looked until last 20 January, can be seen below:

BS elected Trustees in BS webpage.png

Why are they doing this?

I do not know why the BS Committee has been colluding with the Chair like this, or why Mr Vinall and Mr Garrido lent themselves to the AGM’s sad spectacle.

Mr Garrido has been a Trustee of the BS for many years and has often had problems with the Chair, as he repeatedly told me on the phone. When the problems with the Cottage appeal started in 2014 he told me several times that what the Chair was doing was outrageous. There is an email of him addressed to the whole Committee a few years before the Cottage appeal in which he suggests the Chair is something of a dictator. A few days before last year’s AGM (2016) we had a phone conversation. He agreed again with me on all my concerns regarding what was happening with the Cottage and the Chair’s unethical behaviour, that included another Trustee, and told me, literally, that the Chair was a tyrant. I asked him why then did they put up with it. His answer was: “Because that is the way things are in the Blake Society and it’s never going to change. Either you do as he says, or if you don’t like it, you leave”.

As for Mr Vinall, as I have said before, he was very angry, and very worried, about what the Chair was doing. I met up with him and his wife, the also Trustee Christina Vinall, several times, both during the big crisis when I was still the Secretary and afterwards, when the Cottage was purchased and I found out that the Chair had created his own illegitimate Trust and bullied out the Big Blake Project, and how angry people were in Felpham. Mr and Mrs Vinall told me that since I had left the Committee they had had very few meetings and that it had been impossible to elicit information from the Chair about what was going on with the Cottage (which was, let us not forget, a Blake Society project). When it was finally purchased, Mrs Vinall only found out through the members newsletter, and the then Secretary, Mr Tweedy, through Facebook. Mr Vinall told me that the whole Committee was very frustrated by the Chair’s unwillingness to be transparent or communicate, and repeated what he had said before, that the Chair liked “to play games”. Mr Vinall had also told me very clearly several times that what happened in 2014 had set a precedent and that if the Chair acted unethically again, the Committee would take action. When I left the Committee I left with the Vinalls and Mr Tweedy several documents with evidence of what had gone wrong.

When I met with Mr and Mrs Vinall in 2015 they knew that Mr Tweedy wanted to step down as Secretary. Mrs Vinall asked me whether if it was very hard work, wondering whether if she should nominate herself, and Mr Vinall asked her if she hadn’t had enough with seeing what a horror it had been both for me and Mr Tweedy.

Next thing I knew, he was the new Secretary, and he has not stopped lying since.

I don’t know what these Trustees think is in there for them in order to collude like this. I do know, though, that they are afraid. But this is not the way to protect themselves. They are only making things worse for themselves, and for the Charity they are supposed to serve.

I know that I do not deserve this treatment from a Society that I served impeccably, with great commitment, passion, good will and inexhaustible efforts at conciliation of conflicts, as all the Trustees, the Chair included, have repeatedly acknowledged.

Apologizing for the harm done is an option that is always there. That would be the beginning of a solution. It is possible; then dialogue can ensue, and it’s not the end of the world.


I came out of the AGM at Waterstones Piccadilly understandably distressed. Outside I met Rachel Searle, from the Big Blake Project, who was just arriving since her train was delayed. I told her what had happened and, realizing there was not much to be done with people who bully others into silence, we left.

At that moment precisely, the “anti Trump” march was walking down Piccadilly, since 20 January was also the fateful day in which that man was inaugurated as the president of the United States.

It was an odd experience. It felt in a way rather grim, a kind of confirmation that we’re living in a time of bullies. But there was also a hopeful element in it: to be reminded that there are always people willing to stand up to them.ancient

To Change The World


Yesterday I saw You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970 at the V&A. The exhibition is extraordinary in many ways (I’ll be writing about it in my next column for a Mexican newspaper), and the name of William Blake is repeatedly mentioned. In fact, the exhibition’s soundtrack ends with two emblematic songs: John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Parry’s setting to “Jerusalem”.

It makes sense, in a space that discusses revolution, freedom, the expansion of consciousness, the dream, and the courage, to change the world. It leaves us with a bitter-sweet feeling, for the world did change, yet not as much as it had been dreamt, and some facets of the dream did go wrong.

A look at the world at this precise moment is a heartbreaking reminder of how much we’ve fallen short. Yet the dream cyclically resurfaces, and more often than not, William Blake is somehow part of it.

The Cottage appeal was one such dream, an attempt at contributing in some humble way to the construction of a better world. There was nobility in it.

And look at what we have now: while the world out there goes on spiraling down into mindless violence and a very scary political panorama, we’re having to defend Blake’s Cottage from a shameful and petty attempt at appropriating a public project through exactly the kind of human behaviour that William Blake abhorred.

It is utterly sad.

A call

Fighting like this is not pleasant. I do not want, did not call for this in my life.

There is plenty of evidence out there that shows how much I tried for all of us involved in the sad story of the Cottage appeal to get together and find together a solution like decent human beings, looking at each other, face to face. All such efforts were ignored, while both the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust went on lying, deceiving, bullying if they felt the need, using, abusing, taking what was not theirs.

Next 20 January the Blake Society will be having its AGM. The one in 2016 was shameful (you can look at my comments to their minutes in the documents section in this webpage).

Let us hope that this time there will be more truth. I am calling yet again to all the Trustees of both Charities to own up to what they have done, apologize, explain why they’ve behaved this way and be part of the solution by fully accepting the consequences of their actions.

If they don’t, they’ll just dig themselves deeper into this awful mess. It doesn’t matter what I, or other campaigners say, or even if we don’t say anything at all. The BS and the BCT may get away with one or two things now and then, but they won’t be able to get away with everything, and not forever. The truth will be known, sooner or later.

Taking what is not yours

In a recent blog author Beryl Kingston asks her readers whether if people think they should go on giving money or not to the Blake Cottage Trust, if the latter happened to promise that they would use the money exclusively to repair the Cottage and not to demolish the annex in order to build their “visitor centre” instead (

I commented on that, and I’ll say it here as well: I agree entirely, the repair of the Cottage is the most urgent matter. But the BCT should not be given a single pound more. They are the ones who have allowed the Cottage to go into disrepair; they are the ones who stole a public project and lied to the public; they, along with the BS, the ones who are proving incapable of giving a consistent report about what they have done with the money received. Why should we trust them now?

The Cottage must be in the  hands of people who care, and if it is to remain a public space, then it has to be in the hands of people who are honest and accountable.

Mrs Kingston’s latest blog entry regarding the Cottage is sad to read, as it makes clear the extent to which the dishonesty of some individuals and their appropriation of what does not belong to them have shattered the Cottage’s dream.


The former Secretary of the Blake Society (who succeeded me, then left the BS because of his disapproval of how the Cottage problem was handled) seems to be still promoting his bizarre idea of how we can all find reconciliation, and does so using very big, noble words. We’ve exchanged some correspondence about this in the past.

He’s very angry because I have spoken out, invokes kindness and good will and seems to have forgotten entirely all my gestures of kindness, forgiving, good will and inexhaustible attempts at bringing together all of those involved in order to find a solution, and how all those attempts were ignored, even by himself. I have an email of his from 2014, by the way, praising me for how graciously I managed to deal with all the aggression I was receiving from the Blake Society’s Chair at the moment.

This peaceful man saw from very close quarters another human being on the verge of breakdown and with her health in tatters due to the unbearable pressure put on her by the bullying and entirely dishonest behaviour of the Chair on one side, and the rest of the BS Committee on the other, asking her to go out of her way in order to save the reputation of the Society and the Cottage campaign while they themselves, though telling her how outraged they were by what was happening, failed to call the Chair to task. He then saw the Big Blake Project in Felpham being pushed out of the appeal, robbed of the fruits of their work, just as I had been before, and treated in the most dishonourable way by the Chair, who simply used them, and he still did nothing.

I have asked him why he hasn’t spoken out, and why he didn’t fulfill his most elementary duties as a Trustee: to challenge the Chair, say everything that he said to me, in private, that was making him so angry, and if that failed, contact the Charity Commission. He told me that he’s “not an accuser”, and has accused me instead, with no little anger, for waging war.

After all I went through trying to avert disaster both for the Blake Society and the Cottage, with more good will than could be possibly expected, under the circumstances, from any human being, what he’s doing in blaming me this way for the disaster brought about by others amounts in fact to more bullying, and the scapegoating that other Trustees have been happy to indulge in as well. I have told this man, and I say it here again: while he was a Trustee, he never showed any discernible interest in the Cottage appeal nor worked in it at all. He failed to fulfill his duties as a Trustee, then Secretary, in the face of seriously unethical practice in the Charity he was supposed to serve, and now he’s not even a Trustee of that Charity. Therefore he has no business interfering and would do well in keeping away from all this.

His ideas about peace are very strange, so I have to remind him that you don’t build peace upon injustice, trampling on others or turning a blind eye to such abuse, and certainly not upon cowardice.

Famous benefactors

One of my concerns when I realized how Mr Heath had stolen the Cottage project, by creating secretly his own illegitimate Trust, and how the Trustees of the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust were more than happy to collude in a cover up, was how this might affect the reputation of some generous and very vocal famous donors, patrons, supporters of the Society and the appeal, to whom I was very grateful.

It has been one more of the lessons about human nature learnt in this ordeal – that I seemed to be more worried about the harm that might come to them than themselves. I let them know what was happening. And what was happening was, and is, very unpleasant.

They didn’t want to hear unpleasant things, so they simply shielded behind silence. They didn’t even bother to ask me what evidence I had (and I do have it, as I let them all know), didn’t even bother to tell me they deemed my accusations untoward. They simply ignored me, a person they have no reason whatsoever to treat with the disdain involved in the refusal to dialogue. One would expect from such illustrious persons the capacity to show the elementary respect for another human being who’s taking the trouble, and the risk, to express rather serious concerns about a project they have publicly endorsed.

Without knowing anything at all of what has happened here (because they have refused to know), they have told the press, when asked, that they don’t see anything wrong with the state of affairs regarding the Cottage. They may not be aware of this, it may not be their intention, but they must surely know that their names will give weight to their statements to the press, and since their statements reflect their willful ignorance of the wrongdoing, their actions contribute to the abuse of power that has been at the heart of this sad business.

I would therefore like to remind them that supporting a public project is a public responsibility. It is not a matter of how many good causes they can be seen to endorse, let alone of appearing like superheroes in posters in the bus stops. In case they don’t know, refusing to hear what has gone wrong with the causes they support is a way of colluding with the cover up. When things get worse, as they inevitably will if the BCT is allowed to go on doing as it wants, they won’t be able to claim that they were not warned.

The same applies to those local authorities who refuse to acknowledge the problems surrounding the handling of the Cottage.


I am saddened beyond words by this whole ghastly story. I didn’t want any war and, again, there is plenty of evidence to prove that.

But I did want, and do want still, truth.

Fairness, accountability, peace, solutions to conflicts, only come by with truth.

The Trustees of the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust would bring about a much needed transparency if they had the courage to stop lying in Blake’s name, and I am again calling for them to do exactly that.

Blake, William, 1757-1827; Our Lady with the Infant Jesus Riding on a Lamb with Saint John